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Pornography Survey

Hey guys! Thanks for taking a minute to help me gather some information about this sensitive topic. I have made a short quiz that can be completed anonymously. I would appreciate if you could take a minute to fill it out. It’s short.

I am excited to do a podcast about this because I think it’s a problem that is facing far more people than we realize. I hope the shame people feel can change into hope through the power of Jesus Christ. I hope that through talking about this we can help more people decide to come forward and get help. Satan wants us to keep this in the shadows. The Savior wants us to get the help we need so we can overcome it.

I have met many people who have freely told me about their addiction. I’ve been so impressed by the people who have been so frank about their journey. I realize that often it’s because they have had sympathetic leaders, kind friends, family, and/or a support group. They weren’t shamed, but shown understanding and love.

The people who have reached out to me have all testified of the relief and love that they felt as they moved toward healing. It’s a hard road and I know setbacks happen. But it is possible.

Thank you for talking about such a sensitive topic with me. I promise I will keep all communication completely confidential.

Click the following link to take the survey.

Pornography survey

Thank you!

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