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Episode 12 – My interview with my Catholic Friend Ashley

Come Follow Me for Us
Come Follow Me for Us
Episode 12 - My interview with my Catholic Friend Ashley

This podcast is my interview with my sweet Catholic friend Ashley.   We talked about how we met, the faith that she shared with me on a plane flight that helped strengthen my own faith, and some of the Catholic customs celebrated during the week of Easter.



4 thoughts on “Episode 12 – My interview with my Catholic Friend Ashley”

  1. Notja (Nasha) Busnardo

    I appreciate you bringing another religion in
    on your pod cast, and a friend. I truly think it’s best to understand others and how they worship.
    However I stopped listening when you said
    you used the Rosary. Maybe you didn’t intend it in this way but that’s how I received it. That’s not what we believe and I think if you were not a member of the church and you were exploring and investigating our religion this gives such mixed signals. Would you consider this
    an idol? I’m not sure but I was raised in the church
    and this is not our religion or how we worship, as you know. Also I wanted something more for Easter week and how WE as belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believe, how WE worship and how important the sacrament is to US, you focused more on the Catholic religion and almost made that seem more exciting because they have more “traditions” I’m not going to lie, I’m greatly disappointed and hurt that you focused more on this religion and your friend instead of focusing on our beliefs and incorporating your friend into that instead of her incorporating you in her religion. Our Savior and resurrection is what is important and why we know what we know about it, not another religious point of view, even though like I said that’s important to understand but you barely even talked about who and why we are and why this weekend is so important to US.

    1. I’m sorry you felt that way. I love learning things from different religions and I love adding things from other faiths that help me feel closer to the Lord. I don’t use the rosary the same as the Catholics do. I made my own, that doesn’t have a cross at the bottom, but the word faith. And I don’t say their prayers. But it does help me to stay focused when I pray and it has helped me, when I do use it to have more purposeful and more meaningful prayers. I have bad ADHD and I forget a lot of things I want to pray about. This going around beads really helps me to remember all the people and things I need to.
      I am sorry you chose not to listen anymore. I’m sorry you think we can only talk about what we believe. I think differently – and that’s ok.

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