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Episode 13 – My Interview with the Petersons

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Come Follow Me for Us
Episode 13 - My Interview with the Petersons

(This is also day 6 of the Easter Celebration)

This episode is an interview that I had with Michelle and Logan Peterson.  Earlier this year, they lost their newborn daughter just ten days after she was born.  This is their story about death, loss, and the hope Easter, the Savior, and His resurrection bring to our lives.  Don’t miss it!

This is the video I mention about Alissa Parker’s other daughter talking about their happily ever after. 

2 thoughts on “Episode 13 – My Interview with the Petersons”

  1. I LOVE your podcast! I usually listen while working in the yard or doing something else. I came across the outtakes by accident and wait for them every week.
    I relate to so many things you share, especially with your dad passing. My husband passed away in May 1999 at 42. I was a month shy of 34. We have 4 kids, 4 1/2-12 1/2 at that time.
    This week’s episode was amazing. If I wasn’t broken, I would have cried. I remembered my cousin sending me a card 3 months after Steve’s passing, remembering me, because her dad had passed 15 yrs previous.
    I truly do appreciate your humor and ‘sactter-brained” world. It’s the same place I live. Lol Thank you for making the scriptures more understandable for me.

    I have wanted to send a comment for years, but I don’t have and ‘i’ device and am not on Instagram so when I noticed this space yo comment, I could resist.
    So again, for your live language

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