Melanie Stroud

Pics of the week!

Look what this family did for Family Home Evening. Painted their parables! What a fun idea. And the last one is a little fan who listens to the podcast while getting ready in the morning. I love it!! Keep sending them along!

It’s an octopus getting caught because it won’t let go of the shell bait. Represents falling for Satan’s snares
Wheat and tares
Sowing seeds
Man finding treasure in the field
Burning the tares with eternal fire. Ha Ha Ha!!
Look in his pocket! Come Follow Me for Us. Love it!

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1 thought on “Pics of the week!”

  1. Jennifer Johnson

    Melanie I wasn’t sure how best to contact you. I’m hoping that this is relatable enough to the art that the kids created about parables to be “ok”. I just read this article and thought you would love it too.

    Heavenly Father can use our talents and life experiences to touch others in ways we can’t even imagine. Keep shining on and using your talents for good. Thanks for all your time and effort.

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