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Moms who Know

So about a month ago I was interviewed by another podcaster named Chanelle Neilson. Her podcast is called, Moms who Know. I was really nervous about being interviewed by someone else because I EDIT MY PODCASTS FOR A REASON. Live me could be a disaster. After I talked to her I thought, “Oh crap! I told too much!” But the interview came out today and in the end, I think it was good. So, as you’re anxiously waiting for tomorrow’s podcast, you might want to swing on over and take a listen. Chanelle was so nice and great to talk to. I’m so happy she wanted to talk to me!

Shine on Chanelle!

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1 thought on “Moms who Know”

  1. Loved you on the Moms Who Know podcast! I need to hear your voice every day cuz it brings me comfort and peace and since I’ve already listened to all of your podcasts and I’m (mostly) patiently waiting for number 47, it was nice to have something extra to listen to. And you were amazing! So brave and vulnerable and I appreciate that. I’m not good at being brave or vulnerable and I need to be. Hearing the realness of what you’ve dealt with and how you came out of it was helpful. Sometimes I don’t think it’s possible to get out of the pain and fear and hopelessness, but listening to you gives me one more day of hope and makes me try and hold on to see what tomorrow will bring. Thanks for that. Maybe some day I will be brave enough to try seeing a doctor again….you make it seem okay and normal. Thanks Melanie

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