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I said my credentials were NO CREDENTIALS

So, I am surprised it has taken this long for me to say something totally wrong and actually get caught. I have no idea why I thought/said that the disciple that Jesus loved was Mark. It was John. (Although I am sure that Jesus loved Mark. He loves all of us. Right?) But the point is, in these scriptures, the disciple that Jesus loved, and who is being referenced is JOHN.

I am grateful that someone fact-checked me on that, and then kindly let me know that I was wrong. I’ve been waiting for the onslaught of meanness and I’m glad everyone has been so kind. I’m bracing for the days when people let me have it for this or that, but so far, you’ve all been so great and I appreciate it soo much.

I realized as I was listening to another episode that I had said that Jack Gibson sent his crew or came over or something to clean our pool when my dad was dying, but that can’t possibly be true. Jack died while I was on my mission! Did he even have people who cleaned pools? Who did that? Did someone do that? Help me. Basically, for all you all know, this whole thing could be a bunch of lies. I could be making all of this up. Wouldn’t that be a sad little joke?

For now, I promise if I’m renaming apostles and giving the wrong people credit for pool cleaning kindness it isn’t on purpose. I just have no mind. Which is probably another reason I shouldn’t be going rogue in my closet every week. Should I put a warning at the beginning of each podcast? “This podcast may contain completely wrong information. But she’s a good lady, so cut her some slack.”

I’ll think about it.

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7 thoughts on “I said my credentials were NO CREDENTIALS”

  1. I love your podcasts because you are cute with your comments and your sweet spirit. Maybe you will keep someone on their toes to make sure you are telling us the real story. Loved your April Fool scare. Please don’t quit. I also loved your Book of Mormon podcast.

  2. Oh my goodness you Crack. Me. Up! Seriously, I’m still playing catch up w/ 1-2 podcasts a day (I’m obsessed with listening to everything from the beginning and yet it’s killing me not to hear the current stuff. Must. Listen. Faster!) Don’t sweat it, it’s the feelings inspiration that you’re inspiring that matter, not the details of a story who/what/where/when. Let me repeat: You are INSPIRING feelings and inspiration (yup, I’m doubling down on that word) in people every day – and THAT is what matters. Carry on. <3

  3. Christina Forster

    You are amazing! Stuff happens! It’s all good. I wouldn’t be even half coherent as you are at 2am to do a podcast, especially with the spirit. You are an inspiration and I love you.

  4. Alisha Pehrson

    I ❤️❤️❤️ your podcast. I listen to them over and over. I wondered about the Mark John thing when I was listening because I remembered you saying John before but, does it really matter because we know Jesus loved his disciples and I’m sure if he was talking he’d say and Peter, who I loved, and James, who I loved and Matthew, who I loved…Keep doing what you are doing. You are perfect just the way you are.

  5. Hi Melanie. I sure love your podcasts! They have been a wonderful addition to my commutes. I didn’t find you until about 3 weeks ago, so I have been listening to all the older ones too.

    It was funny when you said the disciple whom Jesus loved was Mark. I’m like “No it’s not!” I actually thought you had misspoken, but then you held onto Mark through the rest of the recording so I got home, got out my iPad and started searching. So thank you for the motivation to prove myself right. LOL. But seriously, I really did presume you just accidentally got it wrong. You are very gifted and I LOVE listening to you. I was just sharing some thoughts I had last year on my FB page, but thought I would share it with you too. You have touched my life, and I would love to touch yours. I have a VERY small blog where I write poetry sometimes and also just mental vomits about whatever it is I am pondering at the time. You can check out my little site, or just read through my thoughts on The Lord…or do neither. 😜 Here is the link to my site:
    Here is the blog post on the Savior:

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