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Hidden Miracles: Life After the Sandy Hook Tragedy

I vividly remember this day. My sister called me to tell me what happened and we both cried together on the phone wondering how in the world someone could be so evil. I remember exactly where I was driving when she called. I think I also remember it so clearly because I was heading to Liz’s school to help out in her class – a class of 30 kindergarteners. I couldn’t hold back the tears as I helped these sweet, innocent children put together their gingerbread houses knowing full well what had just happened on the opposite side of the country in classrooms just like this. It was the worst thing I could imagine.

This video is so beautiful. My favorite thing that this mother said was this, “A miracle is not a life without pain, a miracle is learning how to deal with the pain and finding the happiness with the pain.” I’m learning to do this in my life right now. Although my personal trials right now pale in comparison with this tragedy, I am finding the same peace and the same ability to find the happiness with the pain. And it’s all because of the Savior Jesus Christ. He is my friend. He is the one who comforts me and lifts me up more than I can say. I’m grateful for the special gift of this podcast that lets me share all the ways He blesses my life on a weekly basis.

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2 thoughts on “Hidden Miracles: Life After the Sandy Hook Tragedy”

  1. Hi Melanie,

    I have been listening to your podcast since the beginning and have enjoyed them immensely. I am sorry for adding a comment that has nothing to do with this post, but I did not know how else to get in contact with you.
    Months ago you read a letter from a sister missionary who went to Madagascar (or someplace like that) and I want to read it to my family. However, I have no idea which episode it was in. Could you possible sent it to me?


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