Melanie Stroud

Episode 51 Glory, and Power, Be unto… the Lamb for Ever

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8 thoughts on “Episode 51 Glory, and Power, Be unto… the Lamb for Ever”

  1. Alexandra DuFrain

    Every year I send a little something for my children’s teachers. I like to include the principal, secretary, councilor, nurse, art, music, P.E. teachers, kitchen staff, and custodians. This year my gift was hot chocolate and marshmallows, with a chocolate dipped spoon with peppermint stick crushed and sprinkled on the spoon. I attached a tag that said warm winter wishes. After listening to your podcast today about being better missionary and spreading the gospel I was inspired so I added a picture of Mary and Jesus from the new nativity film and typed under it watch The Christ child at I made 20 of them so hopefully 20 non members will feel the love of the savior this Christmas. Thanks Melanie for your inspiration. I Love your podcast. Thanks Alex

  2. Jennifer Marston

    I’ve never posted on here before, but I wanted to share something about the Happy Giving (love this podcast, by the way!).

    A couple years ago on a business podcast a millionaire said he and his wife had a “Yes Fund” and whenever there was a kid asking for fundraising money, or whenever there was an opportunity to give, they picked a minimum amount that they would just always give so they could always “say yes” to giving. I loved that. My husband and I are super frugal and this was an act of faith for us to set up our own “YES fund”. It was a little scary, to worry if this would send us to the poor house or something. But over the years, this has been so awesome! Throughout the year we put money in it, and there have been such cool opportunities to give money away. We had a neighbor who was denied an insurance claim for a wheelchair they desperately needed, and because we already had our YES fund built up, we were able to give over $300 to her. This year, we certainly have lots more opportunities to give, and we always seem to have enough to give to each opportunity. And we don’t even miss that money, but it feels so good to help. And it’s good for us, who are super conscientious of cash to kind of let that go.

  3. In one of these recent episodes you talked about how someone use an example of breathing to represent the saviors love. What episode and do you know what time in the episode it was? I wanted to play it for my kids.

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