Melanie Stroud

Episode 1

Week of Dec 30 – Jan 6 2019

This episode talks about how we are responsible for our own learning. We are taught to examine what we are seeking for and what we want to get out of this year.  I discuss Matthew 19 about the rich man who asks what he lacks and how that parable applies to our lives.  I talk about humility and how sometimes it’s really hard to ask the Lord what we lack and then be humble enough to see it and then desire to change. 

I discuss the scriptures in Matthew 6 about forgiveness and talk more about how important it is to learn to truly forgive.  I quote two talks by Jeffrey R Holland   “Be Ye Therefore Perfect Eventually” and “The Ministry of Reconciliation”

I quoted a Christian author I love named Chrystal Evans Hurst’s book She’s Still There, Rescuing the Girl Inside You. She talks about our obligation to act upon the things we learn in the scriptures.  DO what we learn.  It’s a great read.  She’s very inspiring. In that section of the podcast, I talk about the importance of not just hearing the word of God – but really trying to incorporate His word into our lives. 

I also talk about whining in the MTC, a dead deer in a stream, having the devil in me before church, fighting Satan UFC style and how to bribe your kids to read scriptures with candy and back scratches.  

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2 thoughts on “Episode 1”

  1. Hello! I could have used you 10 years ago when I divorced after 25 years. But, I am so thankful for you now! My heart has been lightened and lifted through listening to you interpret the weekly lessons. Frankly forgive, wrapped in prayers, how do you listen to Jesus, sometimes you need a temple prayer and the milk parable. Thank you so much for sharing your life with me.

    And yes I was born in Milwaukee :).

    I love you!

  2. This podcast is just AWESOME! Episode 1 is like Nephi 1 for me. I don’t evewn know how many times I’ve listened to this episode in the last week. I really hope you keep on doing this! Also, I’d love it if you did a motivational podcast or coaching like the podcast about being happy that you suggested. Shine on, Melanie!

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