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Episode 6 -Matthew 4; Luke 4–5 “The Spirit of the Lord Is upon Me”

This lesson covers Matthew 4; and Luke 4-5.  To see the lesson in the manual, click HERE.  I talk about the temptations of the devil, knowing our worth, and fasting.  

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2 thoughts on “Episode 6 -Matthew 4; Luke 4–5 “The Spirit of the Lord Is upon Me””

  1. I love your podcast. Sometimes your silliness gets to me but your real and honest and that far over powers anything else. I am thankful for the quote you shared about Satan making us busy when he can’t make us bad. So so true. And the comments about when we want to be with the Lord Satan tries to block our path. I can relate so much to those words. My friend knows my desire to go to the temple and asked me to go with her for her birthday. I asked when her birthday was and she told me and then said but what ever day you are available. Following scheduling our slot I got the flu. Then she got sick. Then my son was in the er with severe hives that took 3 days to go away. And then the night before she started running a fever and had a headache. I started thinking. “Well, I am already on the schedule. I can go without her. OR since I already freed up my schedule I can do….”
    I was so thankful when she text in the morning saying she was feeling better and we could go! She is stronger than I am.

  2. PS Don’t get me wrong about your silliness. I love it most of the time or I wouldn’t listen. It is helpful in lightening my heavy heart st times. You are special!!

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