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Episode 43 Part 2 of 2 – Zechariah

This is the second half of last week’s lesson.  It’s pretty on forgiveness.  Maybe that’s a good thing to think about this Holiday season.  What gift can you give the Savior?  Forgive. 

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2 thoughts on “Episode 43 Part 2 of 2 – Zechariah”

  1. I was thinking while you were talking that I couldn’t believe it has been 4 years. The biggest change for me is my gospel study has changed. Now instead of just showing up at church I study the lesson before. I get so much more out of the lessons because I put more in. I feel like I have a new friend, I look forward each week to hearing your testimony and your encouragement to be a little better each day. So grateful for all you have done

  2. Melanie you have inspired my life, a friend on Facebook published your link on Come Follow Me during the pandemic! I was so filled with joy because I was studying but needed more incites and you were an answer to my prayers. I have listened every Sunday since then and what an uplifted for the weeks, I have made a booklet on the Book of Mormon on Come Follow and it’s my Sunday studies to have the Bof M prophets testify directly to me on how I should live daily. I have goodly parents; my parents walked 3 miles on a cold November morning looking for a church in the little town of Aztec, NM. ( I was 4 yrs old) The Spirit of Christ led them to a chapel where in the foyer was a picture of Jesus Christ- my mom’s heart jump with joy she thought “I found him!” (She was introduced to the Savior on the Navajo reservation thru the New Testament by Christian missions not LDS) They didn’t know this church name until 4mos. Call the LDS church. The people lover us to no ends, I went tout primary with my brothers and sisters, MIA, early morning sementary, went to BYU so to end I was baptized are 8yrs of age and now my life is the example my mom, tho she couldn’t speak English just Navajo she loved going to the Temple and my dad was my first Come Follow Me teacher as a young mother. I know that God lives that Jesus Christ is my Savior and so thankful for the comfort of the Holy God…Thank you dear sister for your strong testimony of the Savior and the Book of Mormon❗💝

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