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Episode 4 Part 1

We have found the Messiah

This episode has a totally off topic section at the beginning about trials and how we can learn to deal with them better. Then I talk a little about Christ before He came to earth and why that is important. I discuss our relationship with our Father in Heaven before we came to earth and why that is significant. Then I speak a little about John the Baptist and the John the disciple Christ. I start talking about the attributes of Jesus that John describes but get stuck on “GRACE.” I go on and on about how amazing grace is and read almost all of President Uchtdorf’s talk called, “The Gift of Grace”. After that I share a few experiences in my life that have brought me closer to my Savior. Lastly, I quote a Christian rock song by Matthew West, because it really helped me through a hard time.
Then I promise you another podcast sometime later in the week which is actually hilarious because I need to finish packing Monday and Tuesday and then finish up closing on a house and then move into said house all by Sunday, which ironically is when I have to prepare and finish Episode 5. Ha Ha. I may have just pranked you guys. We’ll see.

The Gift of Grace
By President Dieter F. Uchtdorf April conference 2015

Strong Enough Matthew West

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5 thoughts on “Episode 4 Part 1”

  1. You are my new best friend! I clean and cool with you. Thank you so much for doing this and sharing of yourself!!!

  2. Melanie Passey

    I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!!!! You have touched my life in so many ways, thank you!!! I feel we could have been best friends in the pre existence. I love so much your sense of humor, and the way you laugh at yourself and your own jokes. I do that too!!! Thank you for being a bright light in my life each week!

  3. I just found this podcast…and let me just say….you are like a book I can’t put down! Please don’t ever stop sharing your testimony through this podcast! Your words and the way you share your experiences have touched my heart! Your amazing(and the tears don’t bother me😁😉)

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