Melanie Stroud

Episode 35 Ye Are the Body of Christ

Check later for notes.  I’m out of the country

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6 thoughts on “Episode 35 Ye Are the Body of Christ”

  1. Thank you for doing this episode. I loved it even without all of the edits. You inspire me to enjoy Corinthians more. I felt like I was in a live Sunday school class with you. It was a nice variety having it raw and unfiltered. Thank you for all of your sacrifice to share your inspiration with us.

  2. Cheryl G Buhanan

    In Italy? Who are you with, is that your daughter, Courtney? What a great opportunity! Thank you for sharing with us. This was a real treat…

  3. Thank you for sharing your testimony with us this week from Switzerland! 🇨🇭 You’re so sweet for taking the time out of you fabulous family vacation for us! 🥰 I’m so happy you didn’t get murdered while making it! 😂

  4. Thank you for the lessons you teach us! All my kids are big and moved out or have crazy school schedules except my little bonus toddler. As we do our work around the house we listen to Come Follow Me podcasts. We love yours and even though she is only 2 she comments on the things you say. We talk about listening to Melanie and she tells me “Melanie loves Jesus”❤ Thank you for helping us feel your love for Jesus and bring the spirit to our day! And please be nice to yourself. You would never rip apart another’s podcast the way you rip on yours! We love you for you and I personally loved this one with the ambiance of being on the streets and the church bells and all of it!

  5. I miss having a podcast this week. You are so great! You give me thoughts to ponder all week! I am listening to some of your early podcast that I missed since you are not here this week. Thank you for sharing your light!

  6. Thank you so much for your podcasts. I’m always inspired. The quote about charity by Jeffrey R Holland really resonated with me. Someone suggested to me to substitute “charity” with Jesus Christ. That so fits the meaning of the quote and puts it in a different perspective. No of us will be perfect here and I’ve always felt like I was failing. Doing that helped me so much.

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