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Episode 29 The Word of God Grew and Multiplied


Episode 29

July 15-21 ACTS 10-15

The Word of God Grew and Multiplied

During His mortal ministry, Jesus Christ’s teachings often challenged people’s long-held traditions and beliefs; this didn’t stop after He ascended into heaven—after all, He continued to guide His Church by revelation. For example, during Jesus’s life His disciples preached the gospel only to fellow Jews. But soon after the Savior died and Peter became the prophet of the Church, Jesus Christ revealed to Peter that the time was right for the gospel to be preached to non-Jews. The idea of sharing the gospel with Gentiles doesn’t seem surprising today, so what’s the lesson in this account for us? Perhaps one lesson is that changes in policy and practice—in both the ancient and modern Church—come by revelation from the Lord to His chosen leaders (Amos 3:7; D&C 1:38). Continuing revelation is an essential characteristic of the true and living Church of Jesus Christ. Like Peter, we must be willing to accept continuing revelation and live “by every word of God” (Luke 4:4), including “all that [He] has revealed, all that He does now reveal” and the “many great and important things” He will yet reveal “pertaining to the Kingdom of God” (Articles of Faith 1:9).


Here is the link to the video about the saints in South Africa in the early 80’s.    Pioneers in Every Land – South Africa

Revelation in Gospel Topics



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