Melanie Stroud

Episode 27

Episode 27

July 1-7 Acts 1-5

“Ye Shall Be Witnesses unto Me”

Here is the link to the clip from President Eyring 


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5 thoughts on “Episode 27”


    I just want you to know that I LOVE EVERYTHING about your podcast. You keep doing what you are doing…in the way you are doing it. You are authentic and real, and the Spirit touches my heart every time I listen to your insights. Also…car tip. I get carsick reading just a few lines of text in the car. Take a non-drowsy Bonine an hour or 2 before….you will be able to read all you want! It’s pretty much a miracle!!

  2. Bernadette Frisby

    I love how genuine you are. I love when you cry, I cry right along with you. I really appreciate all of your insights into the reading every week. I am one of those people who reads the scriptures and says “that is a nice story.” But, I need someone like you to go deeper into the story to really understand what Heavenly Father needs us to learn. Thank you for helping me learn this.

  3. Wendy White Finley

    Melanie, I absolutely love this podcast! I love your testimony, I love your message, and I love your heart 💜! Oh how I have missed your fun loving spirit and zest for life. I miss lighting things on fire with you at the cabin 🔥, but I’m so glad you are lighting the world on fire with your testimony! 😇Keep on keepin’ on! Especially singing Olivia Newton John songs! 😉🎶

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