Melanie Stroud

Episode 18

I am the Good Shepherd

John 7-10

This episode covers John 7-10.  It starts with the scripture, “If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.”  Once again the Savior is telling us to DO WHAT WE HEAR.  How many times can we hear this without understanding the importance of applying the gospel and the principles we learn to our lives?  DO IT!  

I shared a story about paying my tithing when I was in college and how I immediately was blessed.

Then we go to John 8:2-11 about the woman taken in adultery.  I talked a little bit about being “convicted by our own conscience” and how it would be nice if this happened to us a little more and we figuratively stopped throwing stones at other people and just worried about ourselves.  

Then I shared a sweet story about my Grandma showing compassion in a hard situation and relating that to the love the Savior has for us and the love, compassion and lack of judgement we should have for each other. 

I quoted the talk in the manual, “Our Good Shepherd” by Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  He said, “Surely, the Savior did not condone adultery. But He also did not condemn the woman. He encouraged her to reform her life. She was motivated to change because of His compassion and mercy.”

Later in the talk he said, “As His disciples, let us fully mirror His love and love one another so openly and completely that no one feels abandoned, alone, or hopeless.”

I then spoke about the mercy that Moroni showed the repentant Lamanites by sending them to live with the People of Ammon (see Alma 62).

I spoke about John 8 and how living the gospel actually sets us free instead of making us servants of sin.

Then we talked about the miracle of Jesus healing the blind man that had been blind since his youth and about the importance of knowing the Saviors voice so that we won’t be deceived. 

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9 thoughts on “Episode 18”

  1. I love your podcast. I love all your insights. It really helps me get more out of the weekly lessons and gives me ideas on what to share with my family. Just something I want to share about the blind man being healed: Jesus did more than heal his vision. When a person is blind all their life, if their sight is returned, they will have no depth perception. It would be very difficult for them to adjust to seeing. Jesus healed all of that. I think it’s very cool and worth noting. Thanks again!

  2. I am finally listening to this episode and want you to know that I like the word craptastic! Maybe I’m a terrible mom, but I think craptastic is a wonderful way to express having a bummer time! I would much rather my kids grow up saying craptastic than sucks or lots of other words that are out there. Keep up the great work! I can’t live without your podcast!

    🤗 Amy

    1. Amy Huntington

      Also, I want you to know that I am very inspired to be like your grandma and the nicest coolest mom you talked about. Thank you for including those stories. I found myself judging a homeless man yesterday, even though I myself have a homeless brother. How awful. How could I judge him? Honestly I wanted to give him some food, but I was bothered because he was in a bad place where I couldn’t get it to him across the road. That lead to me judging him somehow. Anyways, I want to be like your grandma. Not judging, only loving. Especially in my own family. Also, I wish I could listen to you all day long. And hang out with you. You are so cool. Like your grandma. And, you are beautiful. Don’t be ashamed of your beautiful face!

      ❤Amy (black cap farm on instagram)

    2. Melanie Wellman

      Well, that’s pressure now! You can’t live without the podcast? How hard it would be to have your life be dependant on a podcast?? I will never stop while there is life in me. Life and breathe freely for now. 🙂 Laughing.

  3. I just recently found your podcast and love the insight you give. I am not surrounded by people strong in our faith that I can just talk to so it is great that you can give me new perspective on the lessons. So thank you. I just wanted to mention though when you talked about how terrible it was that no one walked the blind man to the water I didn’t see it that way. I have a neighbor who is blind and he is fiercely independent. He walks his young daughter to school crossing roads, takes the bus to his own school, and even cooks. I think as mothers especially we want to take care of people, but sometimes we need to step back and let them know their own strength. People can do great things if we let them. We should never limit ourselves or others by saying you can’t because of a disability. I do agree though with you helping at the temple. That was wonderful because that is something she couldn’t do for herself and most take for granted. Thanks again for being willing to share your thoughts and helping others grow.

  4. Tricia Haney

    Hi again, I hope you don’t get sick of hearing from me. After your Book of Mormon podcast I started reading the Book of Mormon the way that your mission president taught you. And it’s been incredible! This week I also started studying the come follow me chapters the same way. it has reaffirmed my testimony of the importance of reading and studying the scriptures for yourself. My trials are not the same as yours right now, and so when I study it for myself, different things stand out for me. I have some young adult wayward children. And I struggle to find the balance between loving them without enabling them. As I’ve been studying the scriptures more in depth lately, I’ve started to understand more of how to deal with this. I really enjoy listening to your podcast, and I can’t thank you enough for the scripture study guidence you gave us.

  5. Lori and William Mecham (my 9 year old)

    We look forward to Mondays – so that we can listen to your podcast on the way to school! My son William (9) has asked for weeks to email you and let you know how much we love listening to your stories, insights and testimony. We find the suggestions in the manual hilarious too – having a family member get dirty, walking on our pool water and acting out the man with palsy.

    I used to work at the jewelry shop in Scottsdale with your dad Ron. He was one of the kindest, gentlest, honest man I know. He had patience with me as I made thousands of blue molds for jewelry.

    My husband also served his mission in Japan – so I especially love hearing your stories about your father and your mission experiences. He would agree – Being a missionary in Japan is HARD. How grateful I am that my husband was able to serve there – doing hard things – and having to rely on the Lord and His strength. I believe that through all of these trials – God is manifesting His hand through your lives.

    Thank you for your time and effort in doing these podcasts. They are making a difference in so many lives. I use a lot of your insights as I teach Sunday School to the adults. (Which is so intimidating! I kind of wish I was recording my thoughts in my closet!).

    Thanks again – you are amazing. ♥️

    1. Melanie Wellman

      Thank you so much for contacting me! Did you text me on my phone a while back?? I think you did and I accidentally erased it and had no idea how to contact you! I’m sorry. I’m so glad you knew my dad. Those who got the chance were lucky indeed. I”m glad you like the podcast and it’s even helping you in your calling. And please have your nine year old email me.

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