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Behind the scenes

So, everyone keeps going on and on about my tangents. Want to see what I cut? Maybe I’ll make an exclusive club. I’m not sure. But I did tape some of Episode 11 and I left some pretty riveting stuff off the podcast. But it’s on the video. Maybe we can have a contest and only the winners can get the behind the scenes pass? Sounds fun.

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10 thoughts on “Behind the scenes”

  1. I love your tangents and stories! One of the main reasons I listen is because I love how you apply the scriptures to #reallife!

  2. I like the stories! And it’s your podcast so do it how you want. I feel like everything isn’t for everyone and if it’s not for you, move on. I’m prone to tangents myself so I get it. (I also like to mention my cute kiddo every chance I get so go check out his mission blog and feel free to tell me how much you love his cute face!)

  3. Hahaha!! I love the Behind the Scenes movie trailer and everything else!!
    Love you Melanie!! I always learn so much about the scriptures from you.

  4. Andre'a Larson

    I LOVE YOU!!!! You’re hilarious and you have a beautiful voice. Also, you are so grounded in the Gospel that it has inspired me to be more sincere in my scripture study and fervent in my prayers. I have told my family about you and just subscribed my mama to your podcast (she’s a little tech challenged). Thank you for opening up your soul, for being hilarious and doing voices, and for now showing in the behind-the-scenes edition just how hilarious you can be in your closet. You’re the best! P.S.) The Spirit teaching you that if you don’t read the Book of Mormon every day was SO helpful to me. I have been embracing the “Come, Follow Me” but I need the grounding of the Book of Mormon as well. It hit me like lightning when you said that.

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