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Episode 10 – 2 Nephi 26-30 “A Marvelous Work and a Wonder”

Come Follow Me for Us
Come Follow Me for Us
Episode 10 - 2 Nephi 26-30 “A Marvelous Work and a Wonder”


This episode discusses the contention and trouble prophesied about our day in the Book of Mormon.  It also provides the means the Lord has given us to overcome these distractions – mainly Jesus Christ and His power found in the scriptures -especially the Book of Mormon.

Heavenly Father is more “boundless in his mercies and blessings, than we are ready to believe or receive” (The Joseph Smith Papers,History, 1838–1856, volume D-1,” p. 4 [addenda],

I also found this quote there,

“God has designed our happiness, the happiness of all his creatures, he never has, he never will, institue an ordinance, or give a commandment to his people that is not calculated in its nature to promote that happiness which he has designed, and which will not end in the greatest amount of good and glory to those who become the recipients of his law and ordinances.” – Joseph Smith

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