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Episode 43 – Hebrews 7–13 “An High Priest of Good Things to Come”

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Episode 43 - Hebrews 7–13 “An High Priest of Good Things to Come”

This episode is about having faith and looking down the road for blessings that you may not be receiving at this time.  I know we don’t love to hear it, but it’s so important to have faith and try to seek joy IN our trials, not just after they are over. 

Here is a link to the lesson in the manual. 


1 thought on “Episode 43 – Hebrews 7–13 “An High Priest of Good Things to Come””

  1. Hey Melanie,
    I don’t know where to start on this. As I was driving to RSI today for school. I was listening to the podcast There is a part where you talk about referring back to your testimony, and then later about how the lord will chastened
    those he loves
    That little comment brought back flood of memories. I have been struggling to know ifbthe church is true lately, there is a lot of dark history to the church’s past. And I have been sort of perseverating over it. This is going to be long. I joined the church when I was in the Navy more specifically while I was in “A” School. Or job training. I had a freind that was LDS she was sad when I told her I was leaving to go into the Navy. She must have felt prompted when she suggested I look into the church while I am in Illinois. I remember a sort of yeah yeah response from myself anyways I graduate bootcamp and go off to job training. I remember I had a whole dorm room to myself. I would come back to the dorm after class and turn on the radio. Everyday at the same time was an LDS commercial. After about a week I was like, fine, I’ll do it. I got the point yeash.. it took a bit to find an LDS church. The members on the base where few and only met in the hospital chapel for meeting. I remember I stood up in sacrament when they said welcome visitors. And I introduced myself. Lol. Anyways I took the discussions. Funny thing is a lot ofnthe stuff the missionaries talked about I somehow already knew. Especially the preexisting. They layer out the map of the pre to earth and back again map and asked what it was. I looked at it, never seen it before and then I explained the whole lesson to them, two weeks later I was baptised. Anyways I wanted to share that memory with you. Because it and your podcast is really helping me with a faith crisis I guess you could call it that. On to the chastened thing. I have been obsessing over and getting angry over the billions the church has from tithing. I even ranted about it on my fb page. Everyone kept telling me it was tobhelp members and non members, and all sorts of stories, but I did not listen, until the lord has put our little family into a situation where we are currently getting food orders filled for us for groceries and getting help paying bills. I got it now. I see how if the world went bottom up how the Church can help out. But it took the Lord Humbling me to see it…. keep, doing what you are doing out there for the Lord melanie. There are people like me who are heavily relying on it.

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