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Episode 29 – Acts 16–21 “The Lord Had Called Us for to Preach the Gospel”

Come Follow Me for Us
Come Follow Me for Us
Episode 29 - Acts 16–21 “The Lord Had Called Us for to Preach the Gospel”

Here is a link to the lesson in the manual.

In this episode, I talk about missionary work, having a good attitude among trials, how to become NOBLE by searching the scriptures every day and how we are all children of God.

Here’s the quote from Jen Hatmaker about our children.

“Remember this: No matter what, our children belong to God and He is very much paying attention. He is always at work; we are but a piece of their story. Our kids may detour. So many will crash and burn. They could walk away and they could come back.

They will ultimately make their own spiritual decisions, and no formula ensures any outcome. We cannot guarantee their safety or loyalty, their path or decisions. The best parents can have children who self-destruct, and the worst parents can have kids who thrive.

The best we can do is give them Jesus. Not rules, not behaviors, not entertainment, not shame. I have no confidence in myself but every confidence in Jesus. He is such a relief, isn’t He? He is always the true answer, the strongest touchstone, the best example. When I am grasping as a spiritual mentor to my kids, there He is. When words and ideas and “right answers” fail me, His life and legacy deliver. With good reason my kids may doubt their parents, church, Christian culture, and their own understanding, but it is harder to doubt a Savior as good as Jesus. He is so incredibly dependable.

Jesus is the only thing that will endure. He trumps parenting techniques, church culture, tight boundaries, and best-laid plans. Jesus can lead our children long after they’ve left our homes. He will lead them when our work is through.

So let’s give our kids Jesus and trust Him to lead, even if we don’t see results for five years, ten years, or until the other side of this life. Because no matter what their spiritual futures contain – the new trends, new kind of church, new worldview, new systems–Jesus will remain. He is the only constant, the only Savior that held through the ages.

Jesus is the best marker that exists, so let’s raise Him high.

—Jen Hatmaker, “For the Love”

Here is the video I mentioned about Alissa and Emilie Parker

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