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Episode 21 Fighting Fires and Living the Gospel

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Episode 21 Fighting Fires and Living the Gospel

This episode is of an incredible interview I had with a firefighter from Flagstaff.  Please listen.  His insights were fabulous.

(So sorry I somehow missed sending this email out two weeks ago)

1 thought on “Episode 21 Fighting Fires and Living the Gospel”

  1. Once again, you answered my prayer. Our relief society has a little suitcase that is passed around in RS and we can write a burden or question anonymously for the presidency to read. Last Sunday I wrote that I’m feeling a bit left out, and that I have skills and experience to share but no outlet to share them. I feel like an old firefighter who has stories to share, but no one is asking for them. Heavenly Father told me in this podcast that I need to step up, speak up, and actively seek others to help. Thank you.

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