Melanie Stroud

About this Podcast

About the Podcast

Come Follow Me for Us is a weekly podcast that correlates with the Come Follow Me curriculum of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

* This is not an official church publication of any kind.

This podcast started out as a simple idea to record my thoughts for members of my family and maybe local members of my stake.  I had no idea that it would be shared as much as it has been shared, and how much it would bless my life.  This is such a joy for me.  

One mother wrote to me and told me that her son said, “She’s a really big fan of Jesus, you can tell.”  It is the best compliment I have ever received.  I am a fan!  I love Him and what He and His gospel do for my life.  I would be nowhere without Him.

I also have a deep love for the scriptures.  Ever since I was young, I have found answers to my prayers and comfort in time of need when I prayed and then read the scriptures.  I enjoy the stories and the history, but my main purpose, as I read, is trying to figure out and understand how the scriptures apply to me and my life.  

That is where I find the true magic in scriptures study.  I have had miraculous, specific answers to specific prayers given to me as I have immersed myself in studying the scriptures in this way – especially in the Book of Mormon.   It’s the coolest thing to learn that the Heavens are open and that God still communicates with his children.  And he can do it in such powerful ways that they can’t be denied.  The scriptures have the power to anchor our testimonies so that we will never leave.  I believe this with all of my heart.

And fair warning: this isn’t like most church podcasts.  Sometimes I get pretty crazy and say silly things.  Occasionally my ADD takes over and I’ll include some random tangents.  But every time, it’s full of practical applications to the chapters we are studying for the week.   I know you’ll feel the spirit as we talk of the beautiful truths available to us.  

People joke that they look like idiots at the gym as they listen during their workouts.   They’ll be laughing out loud one minute and crying the next.  Maybe take that into consideration before listening to your first episode – in public.

About Me

I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.  Did some community college in Arizona then continued my education at the BYU in Provo.  I served a mission in both the Kobe and Tokyo South missions.  I graduated with a degree in Special Education from BYU.

I’ve lived in Arizona, Utah, Virginia and now currently reside in two places, Georgia and Arizona!

After five kids and 23 years of marriage, my husband and I divorced. It’s not my favorite part of my story, but I am glad that my ex-husband and I are able to get along and can still be friends.  It’s so important for our kids.

I met my current husband at a family reunion in Alabama.  No, we aren’t related – by blood.  But he is my sister’s husband’s brother and we met for the first time at Stroud family reunion in 2019 and the rest is history.  We were married in 2020 and with that union I gained 3 more amazing kids. 

I have served in numerous callings in the church, including serving as Relief Society President and Young Women’s President in my wards and as the Stake Young Women’s President.  I taught gospel doctrine for years and loved that too.  My favorite calling of late, though, had to be nursery.   I miss having little ones around – so I guess it’s time for my oldest and her husband to start growing me grandbabies!  Chip chop on this school nonsense Courtney!