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I vividly remember this day. My sister called me to tell me what happened and we both cried together on the phone wondering how in the world someone could be so evil. I remember exactly where I was driving when she called. I think I also remember it so clearly because I was heading to Liz’s school to help out in her class – a class of 30 kindergarteners. I couldn’t hold back the tears as I helped these sweet, innocent children put together their gingerbread houses knowing full well what had just happened on the opposite side of the country in classrooms just like this. It was the worst thing I could imagine.

This video is so beautiful. My favorite thing that this mother said was this, “A miracle is not a life without pain, a miracle is learning how to deal with the pain and finding the happiness with the pain.” I’m learning to do this in my life right now. Although my personal trials right now pale in comparison with this tragedy, I am finding the same peace and the same ability to find the happiness with the pain. And it’s all because of the Savior Jesus Christ. He is my friend. He is the one who comforts me and lifts me up more than I can say. I’m grateful for the special gift of this podcast that lets me share all the ways He blesses my life on a weekly basis.

The Word of God Grew and Multiplied Support Materials

Here’s a link to extra articles and activities for this week’s lesson from Great supplementary materials.

I thought this Mormon Message went a long so perfectly with the lesson this week. Have a great week!

Hey people! Looks like the church is putting out more supplemental articles etc to go along with each week’s Come Follow Me lessons. These articles go along with parts of the lesson I didn’t get to this week so double bonus.

I love Come Follow Me. It’s so great.

Happy study beyond just listening to me ramble on!

I was looking around for any supplemental material for this weeks lesson and found this 30-second video. I really liked it. Just when you think you’ve identified your “false figs”, I’m going to give you something else to think about. Which is harder: to stand up in church and admit our shortcomings or to stand up in front of the world and admit our strengths and testimony?

What do you think?

Is this new or am I late to the party? I just found this today on and thought it was super great. Thanks, guys for giving us more resources to help us with our study of Come Follow Me!

So, I am surprised it has taken this long for me to say something totally wrong and actually get caught. I have no idea why I thought/said that the disciple that Jesus loved was Mark. It was John. (Although I am sure that Jesus loved Mark. He loves all of us. Right?) But the point is, in these scriptures, the disciple that Jesus loved, and who is being referenced is JOHN.

I am grateful that someone fact-checked me on that, and then kindly let me know that I was wrong. I’ve been waiting for the onslaught of meanness and I’m glad everyone has been so kind. I’m bracing for the days when people let me have it for this or that, but so far, you’ve all been so great and I appreciate it soo much.

I realized as I was listening to another episode that I had said that Jack Gibson sent his crew or came over or something to clean our pool when my dad was dying, but that can’t possibly be true. Jack died while I was on my mission! Did he even have people who cleaned pools? Who did that? Did someone do that? Help me. Basically, for all you all know, this whole thing could be a bunch of lies. I could be making all of this up. Wouldn’t that be a sad little joke?

For now, I promise if I’m renaming apostles and giving the wrong people credit for pool cleaning kindness it isn’t on purpose. I just have no mind. Which is probably another reason I shouldn’t be going rogue in my closet every week. Should I put a warning at the beginning of each podcast? “This podcast may contain completely wrong information. But she’s a good lady, so cut her some slack.”

I’ll think about it.

Look what this family did for Family Home Evening. Painted their parables! What a fun idea. And the last one is a little fan who listens to the podcast while getting ready in the morning. I love it!! Keep sending them along!

It’s an octopus getting caught because it won’t let go of the shell bait. Represents falling for Satan’s snares
Wheat and tares
Sowing seeds
Man finding treasure in the field
Burning the tares with eternal fire. Ha Ha Ha!!
Look in his pocket! Come Follow Me for Us. Love it!

So, everyone keeps going on and on about my tangents. Want to see what I cut? Maybe I’ll make an exclusive club. I’m not sure. But I did tape some of Episode 11 and I left some pretty riveting stuff off the podcast. But it’s on the video. Maybe we can have a contest and only the winners can get the behind the scenes pass? Sounds fun.

So I got this last night from a woman named Shea. Ha Ha. I love it. If it only gets us thinking to say something different it’s a good start, right?

Kelsey messaged me and said, “The last couple years I’ve taken to talking about what I appreciate about my food. That it’s clean, that I have money to purchase it, that it’s tasty, that somebody else made it for me that day and I didn’t have to cook it that day, etc.” I think that’s a great idea!!

Please leave a comment about how you and your family avoid “Vain Repetitions.” The best response will get $12 on Venmo.

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    1. It will be on Amazon soon! I’m sorry it’s taking longer than I thought. Hopefully it will be out in the next few weeks. We really thought it would be out by Valentines Day. I guess I have to learn patience or something hard like that.

  1. I’m listening to your book. I love it!
    I also look forward to the next Come Follow me for Us every week! I’ve learned so much.

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