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Episode 25 Mosiah 29 – Alma 4 They Were Steadfast and Immovable

Mosiah 29–Alma 4

“They Were Steadfast and Immovable”

Reading the scriptures invites revelation. Be open to the messages the Lord wants to give you.

Some might see King Mosiah’s proposal to replace kings with elected judges as merely wise political reform. But to the Nephites, especially those who lived under wicked King Noah, this change had spiritual significance too. They had seen how an unrighteous king had caused “iniquity” and “great destruction” among his people (Mosiah 29:17), and they were “exceedingly anxious” to be free from such influence. This change would allow them to be responsible for their own righteousness and “answer for [their] own sins” (Mosiah 29:38; see also Doctrine and Covenants 101:78).

Of course, the end of the reign of kings did not mean the end of problems in Nephite society. Cunning people like Nehor and Amlici promoted false ideas, nonbelievers persecuted the Saints, and many members of the Church became prideful and fell away. Yet “the humble followers of God” remained “steadfast and immovable” despite what happened around them (Alma 1:25). And because of the change enacted by Mosiah, they could “cast in their voices” to influence their society for good (Alma 2:6).

And here is the link to Jody Moore’s episode about being wrong. It’s so good. Don’t miss it. And let yourself be wrong people!!

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4 thoughts on “Episode 25 Mosiah 29 – Alma 4 They Were Steadfast and Immovable”

  1. Hi! I really enjoy your podcast. The thesaurus is a great tool! I think one name (Amlici) was pronounced wrong. I’ve added the Book of Mormon pronunciation guide to my toolkit. (I’m not criticizing. We are all learning together!)
    Thank you for all your work putting this together!!

  2. Rick and Joyce Hart

    Hi! This is Rick and Joyce Hart (formerly Moon Mountain Ward). Our kids told us about your podcast today during our family Zoom Sunday meeting. They all love it!! So we just listened to you today as our first time. It is so fun to hear you and to enjoy your personality again. Now we are hooked! Good to connect with you again!

  3. Jennifer E Johnson

    I don’t see the “More than Happy” link and that sounded really good. I definitely know that I like to be right more than I choose to be happy. It’s something I need to work on. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into these podcasts. I love yours! It has been a great blessing as I have been doing church at home, alone. I miss companion study & your podcast has helped me be motivated to once again study the scriptures independently.

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