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Episode 24 Mosiah 25-28 They Were Called the People of God

May 18–24

Mosiah 25–28

“They Were Called the People of God”

After nearly three generations of living in separate lands, the Nephites were one people again. Limhi’s people, Alma’s people, and Mosiah’s people—even the people of Zarahemla, who were not descended from Nephi—were now all “numbered with the Nephites” (Mosiah 25:13). Many of them also wanted to become members of the Church that Alma had established. So all those who “were desirous to take upon them the name of Christ” were baptized, “and they were called the people of God” (Mosiah 25:23–24). After years of conflict and captivity, it seemed that the Nephites would finally enjoy a period of peace.

But before long, unbelievers began persecuting the Saints. What made this especially heartbreaking was that many of these unbelievers were the believers’ own children—the “rising generation” (Mosiah 26:1), including the sons of Mosiah and one son of Alma. Then a miracle happened, and the account of that miracle has given hope to anguished parents for generations. But the story of Alma’s conversion is not just for parents of wayward children. True conversion is a miracle that, in one way or another, needs to happen in all of us.

Here is the link to the talk by Ezra Taft Beson that I mentioned, “A Mighty Change of Heart.”

Quote from Jen Hatmaker’s book, “For the Love, “Remember this: No matter what, our children belong to God and He is very much paying attention. He is always at work; we are but one piece of their story. Our kids may deter. So many will crash and burn. They could walk away and they could come back. They will ultimately make their own spiritual decisions, and no formula ensures any outcome. We cannot guarantee their safety or loyalty, their path or decisions. The best parents can have children who self-destruct, and the worst parents can have kids who thrive.

The best we can do is give them Jesus. Not rules, not behaviors, not entertainment, not shame. I have no confidence in myself but every confidence in Jesus. He is such a relief, isn’t He? He is always the true answer, the strongest touchstone, the best example. When I am grasping as a spiritual mentor to my kids, there He is. When the words and ideas and “right answers” fail me, His life and legacy reliever. With good reason my kids may doubt their parents, church, Christian culture, and their own understanding, but it is harder to doubt a Savior as good as Jesus. He is so incredibly dependable.”

-Jen Hatmaker, “For the Love”

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4 thoughts on “Episode 24 Mosiah 25-28 They Were Called the People of God”

  1. I loved that quote about parenting and was hoping to see it on episode resources but the link says the page isn’t found. Any way I could get it? Thank you for your podcast btw!! I love listening every week and appreciate your personality and conviction as you share your insights.

    1. Melanie Wellman

      Sorry – I’m always about a day behind getting this extra information up. It’s there now.

  2. Chuck Plaudis

    I appreciate your openness as you go over this material. I look forward to hearing from you each week. Also thanks for pointing out Elder Maxwell’s talk, as it give me even more insight as my wife and I talk and discuss the lesson. Thanks again.

    1. You have answered my prayers. I’m going through the hardest trial of my life.
      Recently re-married, kicked off with my ex trying to get full custody of all 4 of my kids (as he originally gave me full custody)
      So instead of fully enjoying a blissfully honeymoon phase experience it went to constant stress, depression, crying every day, grasping at straws. I felt I have lost myself.
      I have ups & downs of no hope, desperation & fear to strong faith who can take on anything and win this fight. It seems everyday is different. Your podcast seems to always answer my prayers even when I feel the lord has left me. Thank you. 🥰🥰🥰

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