Melanie Stroud


Episode 8

  Episode 8 notes Quote from Elder Holland’s talk, Broken Things to Mend “The first words Jesus spoke in His majestic Sermon on the Mount were to the troubled, the discouraged and downhearted. “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” He said, “for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” …. I speak to those who are …

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Episode 7

Episode 7 Notes John 2-4 Ye Must Be Born Again In the beginning, I go over some comments about people heading back to the temple and stopping doing the little things that may keep up from doing bigger, better things. I tell the story of my husband almost dying on a plane years ago. After …

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Episode 5

January 28, 2019 Episode 5Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord This episode is about repentance and how the gospel can change you! This episode introduces Mark as one of the contributors to the New Testament. We learn a little more about John the Baptist and how he started calling people to repentance and baptizing …

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Episode 3

Week of Jan 14 – 20, 2019 This episode correlates with the week of January 14-20 in the Come Follow Me manual.  “We Have Come to Worship Him.”  In this podcast, I ramble on about all the great things that have happened this last week and talk more in-depth about the Christmas story and nativity …

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Episode 2

Week of Jan 7 – 13, 2019 This podcast correlates with Lesson 2 in the Come Follow Me manual. In this podcast, I talk about what to do while we are waiting for blessings from the Lord.  I interview my beautiful friend Dawn about her current situation with her son who had a brain tumor …

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Episode 1

Week of Dec 30 – Jan 6 2019 This episode talks about how we are responsible for our own learning. We are taught to examine what we are seeking for and what we want to get out of this year.  I discuss Matthew 19 about the rich man who asks what he lacks and how that …

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